In case you are an ordinary website owner then you are probably interested in using a website builder that has more than a few simple features. However, you definitely don’t want a website builder that requires coding skills. Luckily, most of the top websites builder options out there are created with people like you in mind. They all have many things in common, but each of them has some unique feature or characteristic that makes them different than the others. In this article, we will highlight some of the qualities of top websites builder options.


In case you want to use a website builder to the maximum, then you should think about the templates offer they have. In other words, when you are trying to select the best website builder, you should take a closer look at the number of templates you can use. This volume is a clear sign that you will probably find what you are looking for. It also gives you a hint about the popularity and the community that uses this builder. If there are designers interested in creating new templates all the time, that’s obviously a good sign. While we are talking about templates, we should also point out that you have to look for templates that are highly customizable. A template that can’t be customized is not a very good template.


Regardless of the niche you’ve selected, you will probably need multimedia support for your website. Take a close look at the popular websites today. Most of them have images and text and many of them have animations and videos too. In order to ensure that the website builder you are interested in will meet your requirements, you should choose one that supports different kinds of media – audio, image animation, photos, videos, flash elements etc. In addition, you should also look at the formats that are supported by the website builder – JPEG, GIF, MKV, MP4 etc.

Marketing techniques

Finally, the best websites builders are compatible with the most popular marketing techniques used today.  For instance, in case you are focused on paid search traffic, then you probably won’t have to pay special attention to this issue. However, if you are promoting your website with the help of social networking and blogging, then you must find a website builder that supports the integration of these tools.