How to Get Photos on Your Google Listing and Why It’s Important

Learn to Do SEO Like a Pro

Make sure that your website contains unique and relevant content. To avoid penalties, you have to make sure that your web pages do not contain “plagiarized” content. In addition, keep in mind that the “time on site”, “click-through rate”, and “bounce rate” are more crucial now than before.

Want to Rank in Local SEO? Follow These Tips

Local SEO Tips to Consider Make sure you have a physical, brick and mortar address in your targeted town. It is important to make sure you include a physical address in the location you wish to optimize for. In addition, this particular address where your property is situated has to be in the location or area you aim to target, or very close to it.

5 Ways On How To Take Control Of Your Content Marketing

Creation of content can be considered from different points of view. Some of the web content developers create content for audience’s sake while others create content for the sake of search engines. The need for content cannot be emphasized enough in the online sector. Content attracts a large number of visitors to your website, builds trust towards your audience, answers questions, and so forth.The following 5 tips will help you analyze and take control of your content marketing.

Search Engine Optimization – Five Techniques to Boost Your Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is critically important for your business website. In order for your site to be found you have to use Search Engine Optimization. This article reveals five Search Engine Optimization techniques that propell your site to the top of the search engines

The Future of SEO As Predicted by Industry Experts

If you are in the internet marketing industry, you know how unpredictable SEO is. With Google and other SERPS constantly changing their algorithms and with artificial intelligence becoming more prevalent, SEO is bound to change significantly in the future. Here are some of the changes expected for SEO in the near future.

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