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How to Marie Kondo Your Website

For many of us, Spring cleaning is right around the corner, so we figure, what better time to apply Marie Kondo’s decluttering technique to your site? It’ll make it cleaner, simpler, and most importantly, easier for your visitors to find what they need.

Long-Tail Keywords and How to Find Them

70% of Online searches are now done using long-tail keywords, which is partly due to the use of voice-activated home hubs such as Alexa and the common use of Siri. But what are long-tail keywords and how can you find them? Well just read on because you’re about to find out

It’s Time to Get Serious About Voice Search Optimization

related to SEO this week. From Google Assistant to Siri, people are speaking rather than typing to search online more than ever. According to Location World, more than 40 percent of adults used spoken search on a daily basis in 2016. ComScore estimates that over 50 percent of searches will be voice-based by 2020.

Get to the Top of the Search Results With SEM

The main difference between SEM vs. SEO is that SEM is a paid strategy and SEO is an organic strategy. Like most things in the search industry, the definitions related to search marketing have evolved. Some marketers may consider SEM to be an umbrella term that includes both paid and organic strategies. But to make your marketing plan clear, we recommend breaking the terms into these distinct categories.

How to Make the Right First Impression With Your Homepage Headline

A new website user needs to know they’re at the right place, right away! Earning a new lead is great, and for many small business owners, every site visit makes a big difference. If your website’s home page doesn’t convey what you’re all about right away and assures the user they’re at a site relevant to their intentions, you risk that lead bouncing to your competitors.

The 7 Wonders Of Social Media Marketing To A Brand

Optimising the website and periodically updating the blog were the two caveats for a good SEO ranking. The time has changed. SEO requirements keep altering, and presently a social media presence is an essential factor in it. In this article, we examine the seven ways social media marketing can be leveraged by a brand to increase profit.

How to Prepare Your Website for Google Mobile-First Indexing

With the lapse of time, Internet users on mobiles have gradually increased and today it has surpassed the number of users surfing the net through the desktops. Anticipating a further increase in mobile Internet users, Google has announced a significant change in its algorithm in the form of mobile-first indexing.

How Search Engines Help Us Online

The purpose of this article is to inform the reader of the importance of search engines in our society and how search engines help us. This article will help you to better understand they operate, assist in keeping information organized, and retrieve results faster.

Do You Really Need A Responsive Website?

Websites that are not responsive are starting to be ignored by Google. If your website isn’t responsive, it could be one of the main reasons for a decrease in direct traffic.

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